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Aims and constitution

Established January 18th 2010

The aim of ESUO is:

  1. To facilitate direct access to European national accelerator based radiation sources throughout programmes of the European Union. (For brevity all such light sources will be referred to below as SR sources).
  2. To enable all European scientists to access appropriate SR facilities solely on the basis of scientific merit.
  3. To promote an integrated approach throughout Europe to the use of European SR facilities.
  4. To disseminate information about scientific opportunities and funding mechanisms for access to SR facilities.
  5. ESUO is an organisation composed of national user delegates chosen by national SR users groups (1 voting delegate per country) plus the representatives of the European facility users’ organisations as none-voting members.
  6. ESUO and its members are independent of the SR facilities and of national funding agencies.
  7. ESUO will be represented by an Executive Committee composed of:
    A Chair/spokesperson
    A vice Chair
    A maximum of 5 ordinary members
    The composition will reflect the breadth of SR science.
  8. The founding Executive committee will continue in their roles for up to 4 years (2010-14) subject to ratification from the ESUO delegates after 2 years (2012).
  9. After 4 years (i.e. in 2014) up to 4 of the 7 members can be re-elected for a further 2 years and ESUO delegates will be invited to elect at least 3 new members for the 4 year period 2014-8).

    Thereafter elections to vacant places will occur every 2 years for the 4 year vacancies arising.
  10. ESUO should meet annually to:
    (a) Receive a report from the Executive comm.
    (b) Ratify any proposals made by the Executive comm.
    (c) Receive reports from national delegates.
    (d) Discuss new initiatives

MJC and UP 22th January 2010

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